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Submit your Frome Open Art Trail 2020 entry 

Please complete all sections of the form carefully and submit only one entry. To pay the £50 entry, find details for your image size, general info, plus the terms & conditions, please click here.
A confirmation will be sent via email to the address you enter in the form - this will include a copy of your submission.
Some fields are mandatory (marked by *), if you are unable to submit the form please check if any fields have been highlighted in red.  If you continue to have difficulties, you can email [email protected] 
We prefer entries to be submitted online for ease of compiling information for the brochure and to help limit typos. However, if you are not able to submit the form online get in contact as we will find another solution.
Venues are required to open both weekends with weekdays as optional.

  • Please enter your personal details below. Some fields are essential.
  • Please enter your venue address and not your home address. Do not submit your form until your venue has been secured.
  • Each individual artist/ group member must register separately, but if you are part of a group indicate this below and we will place your listings together in the brochure. Please agree your group name before completing the form. If you are part of a large non-profit group, you may prefer to take advertising space see 'Sponsors' page for details.
  • (max 30 characters) Groups- please ensure all of your group enter under the same group name!
  • Please tick all which apply.
  • Venues are required to open 11am-5pm both weekends of the festival but can also choose to open during the week. Indicate below or leave blank if opening on the weekends only. There are lots of other events and activities which take place on the weekends during Frome Festival so opening during the week can give visitors an extra chance to visit your venue.
  • Referring to your own individual work (max 115 characters).
  • Social Media

    This section is optional but will help us to connect with you and promote you via social media. We can display icons for up to 4 social media platforms on your brochure entry to indicate your presence on the sites.

    Unfortunately we don't have room to include full address links to your specific entry but I do hope to include hyperlinks in the online version (time allowing!) and we'll also link to them from the Open Studios Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

    We are all volunteers so and have duties elsewhere so we really need all entrants to actively participate and share the burden.

  • Brochure image 01: width 68 x height 29 mm - you can either supply an image to meet these dimensions or we can crop your image to fit. Submit images as follows: image 1 = SmithJ_01, image 2 = SmithJ_02 etc (max file limit 2MB)
  • Images 02: the dimensions are up to you - max file limit 2MB.
  • Images 03: the dimensions are up to you - max file limit 2MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.