Please see below for news of the cafe during the Covid19 situation.

Frome Market Place. Image by Alan Overton. A Frome Artists Cafe regular & Chairmain of Frome Art Society.

First Wednesday of the Month

(no meeting Jan & Aug)

7.30 pm Upstairs at The Three Swans, King Street, Frome

2020 Dates are detailed below

Due to the curent pandemic we are not meeting but do read on for what goes on normally.

This is a social evening, time to sit back and relax and enjoy a conversation with like minded people.  Voice your ideas, frustrations, successes and plans.  Promote your exhibitions, make suggestions, discuss your work, form new friendships and collaborations.

Don’t be scared everyone is very welcome, just take a deep breath and say hello.  Artists of all ages come along and like any group it is always great to welcome new personalities.  The 2020 Frome Open Art Trail brochure on this website is a great place to grab an idea of the artists involved.

Our Facebook page is Frome Artists Café .  This is a discussion page.  Please post your events but no constant events or repeats.  It is designed for Frome and surrounding area artists, there are three questions to answer and based on your answers and location you will be approved. If I feel members are abusing the space they will be deleted. We would LOVE to meet you in person at the cafe.

I send a monthly Frome Artists Café email and will happily feature your events and images, send them to me, preferably as a jpeg file, about two weeks before the beginning of the month.  My email is: Caroline Walsh-Waring.

Events, Exhibitions and stuff

Next Cafe – TBA, 7.30pm, The Three Swans – Upstairs

As I am sure you understand because of the current lockdown situation the Frome Artists Cafe meetings have been suspended for the time being. We very much hope to be meeting again soon but obviously not until it is safe for us all to do so.

In the meantime I am happy to post pictures of new work on here to keep the page alive if you like. Whilst we are on a sabbatical perhaps people would like to put forward ideas of things they might like to change about our meetings or add? I’ve been running the cafe for 10 years now which is quite a long time and have tried various formats so new thoughts will be very welcome. I continue running the event as it is the one chance I get to meet with other Frome Artists and when I first arrived in Frome in 2009 it is where I met the majority of my now firm friends. So my motives are entirely selfish.

I hope everyone is keeping well and managing in this very strange life we are leading for the moment. When we do meet again it would be great I think to have huge attendance as I feel we will all be very much in a party mood! So store up your energies!

All the very best to everyone and in the inimitable words of the immortal Dave Allen “May your God go with you”.

If anyone has some news, I am happy to feature it here, and in our newsletter. Email Caroline with details

Places to exhibit in Frome

Frome Library, Cheese & Grain Cafe, La Strada, Eagle Lane Emporium, Rook Lane, Black Swan Round Tower, The Why Gallery.

Contact venues personally to find out availability but they are all open to featuring exhibitions by local artists.

2020 Artist Café Dates

The Three Swans, King Street, 7.30pm, upstairs

With luck – 2nd September, 7th October, 4th November, 2nd December.  (No cafe in August or January)

A few words on our Privacy Policy

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Frome Artists Café uses a secure mail server to hold it’s recipients information and if you get thoroughly bored with hearing from me you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link to do so in the footer of each newsletter. Please contact Caroline Walsh-Waring for further information: Caroline